Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying or selling an Aircraft can be difficult and time consuming.  JETS’ specialist engineers provide independent detailed aircraft assessments either through an OEM defined Pre-Buy Inspection or our own tailored inspection process. If required, engineers can assess aircraft at the customer’s choice of location.  The following services can be performed onsite at our maintenance base in Bournemouth:

  • Full Records review – AD/MSB statements, repairs, STCs
  • Detailed interior/exterior survey
  • Full system function checks
  • Pressurisation checks
  • Fuel leak checks
  • Engine/APU borescope inspections

Our impartial appraisal of the aircraft will provide peace of mind and allow rapid transfer of ownership. We can assist with de-registration/re-registration requirements, rectify any findings and prepare the aircraft for new ownership.

JETS also offers specialised care and maintenance packages should the need arise to place your aircraft into a storage programme.  Our comprehensive regular inspection criteria means your aircraft will be maintained in a controlled state to ensure minimum deterioration and fast return to service.

For an overview of our Pre-Buy Inspection services by aircraft OEM please see our Service Matrix.